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There is a place where contemporary taste has its back covered by over fifty years of sartorial tradition. A place where past meets present and the results are outstanding.

As a kid, Mario Formosa had a recurring dream: to become a tailor. That was a sort of premonition. Everything began in Naples, in via Cavallerizza a Chiaia. After working there for years as an apprentice, Mario opened his first shop. During this time his skills improved, his style formed a clear identity and Sartoria Formosa became one of the undisputed protagonists of the Neapolitan tailor scene.

Mario has passed on, but his son, Gennaro continues his father’s work travelling around the world and opening a second showroom in Milan. Today, Formosa is not just a family name, it’s a brand. A brand that carries with it the same spirit it was born with: a dynamic, modern spirit rooted to a classic soul.