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The Neapolitan jacket is well known for the smooth cut that gives whoever is wearing it a casual elegance, intentionally far from the stiffness of other sartorial traditions.

The classic cut is the three button single-breasted, where the first button is always untied – “stracciato”, as it is called in slang. The collar is “a martello”; the shoulder is soft and never too stiff; the sleeve “a mappina” is wrinkled in order to provide more freedom and movement.

These are the details that have remained unchanged for more than a century and that make the Neapolitan jacket a must-have in the wardrobe of the man who likes to wear an established elegant style. Details from years of experience that Sartoria Formosa has internalized creating a garment that is both refined and versatile.

  • Abito Solaro

  • Cappotto

  • Doppio Petto

  • Giacca Sportiva

  • Trench Double